How can I remove my account?
That to delete your account, write to us at report@tiktits.com
How do I change my account name?
That to change the account name, click here.
How do I change my password from account?
That to change my password from account, click here. That to reset your account password, click here.
How do I remove my videos from the TikTits?
That to delete your videos, write to us at report@tiktits.com
How can I get verified?
That to pass a verification for creator of content, click here and follow the instruction.
How long time does verification take to check?
Verification usually takes up to 24 hours. If no response has been received for 48 hours, please contact us at info@tiktits.com
How can I upload a video to the TikTits?
That to upload a video you need to use the «Upload video» - button in the upper right corner (for PC and mobile devices). The video format must be .mp4 or .mov
I'm having issue with upload of video
If you have issue with upload of video, please email us at info@tiktits.com. You can write your problem in detail.
What is the maximum video size?
Maximum video size is 200 mb
How do I report on another user?
That to report on user you suspect of violating our terms of service. You can write to us by email info@tiktits.com specifying the user's URL and the reason for contacting.
How do I report on a video?
There is a «Report» - button under each video, click on it and follow the instructions.
I'm included in a video that I did not upload
Please read our DMCA policy here